My baby will be born with a sick heart. I need some advice

images-3Prenatal counseling is the information that parents receive when the unborn baby has a problem: which disorder it has, what can be expected when it is born, both in the short and medium term, and whether there is a solution.

This information, which will help both the father and the mother to be as prepared as possible during the pregnancy and after the childbirth, can be given by the obstetrician, the midwife, and/or the paediatrician, depending on the anomaly. Sigue leyendo

Seeing my baby´s heart while expecting

FIESA_ultrasound_244crThe study of the fetal heart is done by means of the fetal echocardiography, which consists in an abdominal ultrasound performed in pregnant women but centered in the baby’s heart.

Cardiac malformations are the most frequent congenital anomalies, but the question is if 100% of the cardiac diseases in the maternal uterus are detected. Although it is true that it is not possible to rule out all of them, most of the clinically significant cases can be diagnosed. Sigue leyendo