General pediatrics

imagesPediatrics Españolis the medical specialty that takes care of children, as well as dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases from birth through adolescence. Moreover, in General Pediatrics practice we also take care of monitoring children’s growth, their feeding and their vaccinations and control all the diseases they may have all through childhood.

Children are not born with an instructions manual. However, in Medimar International Hospital Medimar, we provide you after delivery with a small dossier with the answers to the most usual questions you may have during the first days of your new experience.

In my practice I make sure your baby has the ordinary check-ups for a healthy child (the first ones are mainly to check that exploration is still normal and that the child is gaining weight appropriately), monitor certain diseases and solve more specific questions.

As sometimes you may have new doubts or questions you forgot to ask in the practice, you have a contact page for your peace of mind in this website.