Pediatric Cardiology

Corazón con botones EspañolPediatric Cardiology is the medical speciality that studies children’s cardiovascular diseases, since they are detected in the womb until almost adulthood. In the examination, besides performing the diagnostic ultrasound in situ, we rely on the results of other complementary tests such as electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, stress test, ECG Holter, blood tests, etc… for the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases.

The most frequent reason for visit is a heart murmur, a «little noise» that we pediatricians can hear when we auscultate your baby in check-up or when children are taken to the emergency room for any reason. Although most of them are innocent murmurs, that is, which do not correspond to any heart disorder, an echocardiography will give us a 100% certainty, a safe test that we can perform in the same consultation.

Other frequent reasons for visit are syncopes or loss of consciousness, palpitations and chest pain. Even many parents also come to have a more exhaustive check-up on those children who take part in federated sports.

In my Pediatric Cardiology practice I am available to address all questions and concerns related to your child’s heart.