Check to school failure

niño ajedrezPawn to King Four. Pablo moves a piece and there’s no turning back. That’s one of the many movements with which he could have started the game. He is so concentrated that he doesn’t notice the people moving around expectantly and enjoying this exciting strategy game.

And every time he plays this sport since he was 4 years old, he is not aware of the many beneficial effects it is having on him, effects which have been already explained several times by diverse media and on which we insist again following the latest scientific discoveries. Sigue leyendo

Minor paediatric emergencies

vendajeMinor paediatric emergencies

As a result of a collaboration between Dr. Aida Hernández Blanco as a paediatrician in Medimar International Hospital and Mandarina Garden children’s play-centre, an issue on which parents ask for information repeatedly, and which is interesting at the same time, was discussed: minor paediatric emergencies.

Who first thought about ​​giving this talk?

It was parents who had been asking for the keys to follow in the event of some of the most common paediatric emergencies, such as a foreign body in the nose or ear, blows to the eye, or the most demanded and the one that most worries them: what to do at home to a child with a choking or a semi-choking. Sigue leyendo